Friday, February 17, 2012

AOC Jumps Part Deux, Sounds Pretty Cool

Let's get some SWSA jumpers there!!!

From the AOC:

Here's the schedule for the Andover Nordic Festival, February 25th and 26th.

Hills will open for practice on Saturday 2/25 at 4PM. After 45 minutes or so, we'll start marking some distance if that seems to fit in. During the practice period, we'll have an obstacle course available which will start with the roller jump and include putting one's skis on - rolling over a bale of hay and several other elements. After everyone who wants to has had a chance at the obstacle course, we'll have jumping though a hoop of fire on the K18. This is pretty cool at night.

After the Hoop, we'll have a good dinner in the Proctor Lodge.

Sunday will be a traditional Nordic Combined Meet. The jumps will open at 9AM, the meet starting at 10 AM.

Jumpers are asked to pick the size jump on which they want to compete for a medal. They can jump for fun on another hill.

The combined race will start at about 1PM with Nordic combined awards to follow that. Registration will be $20.

The first 50 kids to Pre-register will get a string pack and hat with an Eastern Ski Jumping Logo. In the pack will be a bunch of other stuff Ask jumping cap- a pin - stickers - and Eastern Bells for parents to ring etc.

We are asking some High School Jumpers who might want to keep their season going.

Tim Norris

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