Monday, February 11, 2013

Jumpfest Results for Saturday Small Hills

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Salisbury, CT Junior Jumps

K20 Hill
Saturday February 9. 2013
Satre Hill

J5 Class:   Name    Score   Club
1st Basil Shillingford  24  SWSA
2nd Ella Rydinsword  22  SWSA
3rd Otto Steinmetz  21  SWSA
4th Digby Shillingford  16.5  SWSA

J4 Class:
1st Caleb Gilbert  44.5  SWSA
2nd Orrin Rydingsword  39.5  SWSA
3rd Noah King  24.5  AOC
4th Cora Rydingsword  18.5  SWSA

J2 Class:
1st Slava Browning  49  SWSA

K30 Hill

J4 Class:  Name   Score   Club
1st Landon Livreri   163.5   NYSEF
2nd Matthew White   137  NYSEF

Open Class:
1st Becket Ledger  168   NYSEF
2nd Trent White  148.5   NYSEF
3rd  AJ King  141  AOC

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