Sunday, January 27, 2013

How Far is...? You will be amazed!

Ski jumpers are amazing!  Evel Knievel has nothing on them for thrill nor distance!

5 meters (the distance the youngest jumpers go) is 16.5 feet=the distance from the foul line to the basket in basketball.

10 meters (the distance a strong, young jumper goes off of the 20k at SWSA) is 33 feet=FIRST DOWN!

15 meters (the distance experienced, young jumpers go) is 50 feet=longer than a coach bus

and so on...

65 meters (about the farthest jumpers go off the 70k at Satre Hill-SWSA) is 213 feet=MUCH further than Mr. Knievel's best motorcycle jump ever (130 feet, estimated by this blogger).

These athletes are strong and skilled!

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