Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Local Jumpers in Action

Saturday January 21, 2013-Lebanon Outing Club, NH

Caleb and Charlie travelled north to New Hampshire on a beautiful January weekend to test their skills against the LOC and AOC jumpers.  Team SWSA did quite well in event on the 25 meter jump.  This was the first competition of the winter and Charlie's first day with new, sweet gear!  Caleb finished first in the J4 division with 84 total points and a long jump of 14.5 meters.  Charlie finished fourth in the J2 division with 85.5 total points and a long jump of 18 meters.

Both boys and a crew of others (Chris and Orrin) spent Sunday with Coach Mark tuning up for upcoming events.  Progress and fun all around!

You can find Team SWSA Saturday the 26th at 1pm at Satre Hill in the first home competition.  On Sunday the Team heads to Andover, NH for jumps on the k18 and k30 in the morning.  There is a nordic combined competition in the afternoon (first lung buster of the young 2013 campaign).

The Alpine Jumpers will show their stuff all weekend at the hill...great people and great fun.

Jumpfest, here we come!!!

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